Evgeni Malkin in the movie ;) 
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Geno are you on facebook? 
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GQ Magazine

From yesterday :)

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Amazing heels
When we won silver this year :) Guys having fun SNP.
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:)) Want to see him in Bratislava!

In some weird way I am really happy there is lockout, because I can finally see so reat players in Europe. I don’t want to end it before November… Just see Evgeni Malkin play would be the best thing in the whole world and I would cry from happiness :) So pleeease don’t reach the agreement before November.

Geno & Gonch

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F*ck yeah! I am sorry, I love NHL but I am from Europe, so I am happy he’ll play here. Anyways, he sighned contract with Metallurg Magnitogorsk today along with Gonchar.

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